Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In yet another legal victory for radio host and blogger Hal Turner, a federal judge has ruled Turner's role as a national security intelligence operative for the FBI can be admitted at trial.

The government is prosecuting Turner over an editorial he published last June which criticized three federal judges who violated the US Constitution and who ignored a recent US Supreme Court ruling. The editorial called the Judges "traitors" and said they "deserve to be killed."

The government claims that "deserve to be killed" is a threat to actually go kill them. Hal Turner says "deserve" is an opinion; protected free speech.

Last December, Turner went on trial in Brooklyn. The government's case began to fall apart almost immediately when government witnesses confirmed Turner was a national security intelligence operative for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force from 2003 through 2008. Turner's attorneys pointed out that the FBI itself "counseled" Turner on the lawful use of violent rhetoric so he could flush out radicals before they committed acts of terrorism.

Government witnesses confirmed Turner dealt with national security, terrorism and foreign counter-intelligence. He was recruited by the FBI to use his status as a celebrity to infiltrate violent groups. To accomplish that task, the FBI repeatedly "counseled" Turner on the lawful use of violent rhetoric so he would know exactly what was legal to say.

When the government rested their case, the Defense did the same without presenting any witnesses or evidence. Despite offering absolutely no defense, a majority of the jury sided with Turner. The case ended in a hung jury that voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal.

The upcoming trial will be different. This time, Turner will mount an aggressive defense. Subpoenas have already been issued for a variety of witnesses and a number of FBI Documents, e-mails and material from the Joint Terrorism Task Force will be placed into evidence by the defense.

The government, realizing they were likely to lose the second trial, asked the trial Judge to forbid the Defense from revealing Turner's role with the FBI. In a motion filed two weeks ago, the government claimed jurors would be confused" if they found out about Turner's role with the FBI. Judge Donald Walter disagreed and DENIED the government's motion; Turner’s role with the FBI can come in as evidence.

The government also asked the Judge to allow them to introduce certain e-mails and web site content which was totally irrelevant to the present case. Judge Walter DENIED that Motion as well, sending the government's high-flying case into a tail spin.

The slow-motion collapse of the government's case can be watched as it unfolds this week at the Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn, located at 225 Cadman Plaza East. Jury selection begins at 9:00 AM on Monday, March 1. Opening statements will take place after jury selection and trial will begin on Tuesday, March 2. The trial is open to the public.

Much more information – including actual FBI documents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force – will be posted to over the weekend before the start of the trial. You’ll be able to see the actual evidence yourself!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gov't Gets Desperate; wants to conceal Turner's FBI role from Jury!

In a desperate bid to save their losing case, federal prosecutors are seeking to conceal evidence from the jury in the upcoming re-trial of radio host and blogger, Hal Turner.

Stung by a hung-jury which voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal after Turner's first trial in December, Prosecutors now want to conceal Turner's role with the FBI, claiming it will only confuse the jury.

Hal Turner was recruited by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) to act as a National Security Intelligence Operative for that agency. In his role with the JTTF, the FBI taught Turner what was legal and what was illegal to say on the radio and on his web site.

FBI Documents prove the FBI budgeted $100,000 a year for Turner and paid him tens of thousands of dollars for his work on the radio, the internet and at public rallies.

The two largest newspapers in New Jersey are reporting the government’s nefarious efforts to hide evidence from the Jury. "The Record" in Hackensack, NJ and "The Star-Ledger" in Newark are all over this snake-like effort by the government to essentially cheat during the upcoming trial.

Read the coverage for yourselves at the links below:

The Record:

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

CBS NEWS '60 Minutes" Seeks Turner Interview; Judge says "No"

The nations #1 television news show, "60 Minutes" formally requested an interview with radio host and blogger Hal Turner in connection with his ongoing criminal case. The TV show is the most-watched news program in the world, with 15 million viewers every Sunday evening on CBS. When the request for interview was made the, Judge presiding over Turner's case said "no."

Turner is being criminally prosecuted in federal court over an editorial he published last June. The editorial said 3 judges in Chicago violated the US Constitution and also ignored a recent US Supreme Court ruling. It went on to say the three judges were "traitors" to the USA who "deserve to be killed."

The government claims that saying "deserve to be killed" is a threat. They arrested Turner on a charge of threatening to assault and murder three United States Judges. Turner contends the word "deserve" is an opinion and that his editorial is protected free speech.

Rumors of "60 Minutes" interest in the case surfaced last December during Turner's trial. At least three producers from "60 Minutes" were seen attending the trial. The trial ended in a hung jury which voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal. The hung jury resulted in a mistrial so Turner is being tried a second time beginning March 1. Trial will take place at the United States Courthouse, 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, NY. Supporters are encouraged to attend because this trial is historic.

History in the making; Judges will take witness stand!

Hal Turner is the first editor in America to be jailed for an editorial since the year 1798. The last editor to be jailed for an editorial was the grandson of Benjamin Franklin, one of America's Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin Bache, who edited his grandfather's newspaper, died in prison while awaiting trial.

Adding to the historic aspects of the case, we have been told that all three federal Judges who were allegedly "threatened" by the editorial will actually take the witness stand during this new trial! It ought to be very interesting to see lawyers grilling the three judges who have no choice but to answer questions under oath.

In preparation for the Judges appearance as witnesses, the Turner family has reached out to retired trial lawyers who can't be intimidated or face retaliation for lacing-into a sitting federal judge. The family believes the Judges can be cross examined in such as way as to prove they are, in fact, traitors to the country and in at least one case, a personal degenerate. The Turner family wants to bring several additional lawyers into the case on day one of the new trial so the government won't know who they are in advance and won't be able to intimidate or co-opt them.

Bringing lawyers out of retirement to examine the judges is important because of the nature of what may come out. Research into the judge's backgrounds has turned up numerous situations where one or more of these Judges is routinely abusive on the bench. Even more startling is information - and photos -obtained by private investigators who had the judges under surveillance. These investigators report certain "proclivities" that may be explosive revelations at trial. If a young lawyer were to engage in this type of activity, he would be outcast from the legal profession or more likely driven into Bankruptcy when the system turned on him. Hence, the need
for additional lawyers who are not susceptible to such tactics.

Any seasoned trial lawyers interested in cross examining three federal appellate court judges on the witness stand, are encouraged to contact the Family of Hal Turner via the address at the top of this blog.

Governor to testify

Adding to the historic aspect of the upcoming trial may be the appearance of New Jersey Governor Christopher Christie. Prior to his election, Christie was the United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey. In that capacity, his office issued a "Blanket Letter of Declination" flatly declining to prosecute Hal Turner for what he said on radio or published on his web site.

That letter details how Turner was trained by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in the use of violent rhetoric and also makes clear Turner was trained in the law and knows how to phrase his utterances in lawful terms.

The Defense asserts that as US Attorney, Christopher Christie flatly declined to prosecute Hal Turner and the blanket letter of declination represented the entire United States government. The defense wants to know how it is that one US Attorney can flatly refuse to prosecute anything on behalf of his client, the United States of America, while another US Attorney proceeds with prosecution for that very same client over the very same issue?

Turner argues the Blanket letter of declination was a defacto grant of immunity and as such, the US Attorney in Chicago is precluded from pursuing the case.

Sadly, during the first trial, the letter was ruled "attorney work product" and was concealed from the jury by the court! The defense believes that can be overcome by bringing Chris Christie into court and putting him on the witness stand.

Turner was a national security intelligence operative for the FBI who utilized him to flush-out radicals before they could commit acts of violence. Records to be introduced at trial will prove Turner was paid thousands of dollars after making similar statements about judges in the past, and was specifically told that publishing the names and addresses of Judges on his web site was legal. In addition, Turner went on two national television shows and stated that a federal judge was "worthy of being killed" and was still paid thousands by the FBI after doing so.

In the present case, Turner did the same thing, saying three judges "deserve to be killed" and publishing their courthouse address on his web site. If those acts were not a crime in the year 2005 when Turner did it for the FBI, then how are those same acts a crime in 2009?

Prosecutors scurry to hide

The formal request for an interview by "60 Minutes" came to Turner's lawyers in January. However the terms of Turner's release on bail forbid him from giving media interviews without permission from the court.

Lawyers asked Judge Donald Walter for permission to give the interview to "60Minutes" and initially, Judge Walter said "Yes" but told defense attorneys to check with the government to see how they feel.

When the US Attorney realized his shenanigans of prosecuting an American citizen for an opinion would be scrutinized by the top rated news show in the country, he objected to allowing the interview to take place. On this objection, Judge Walter refused permission, thus preventing the interview with Turner.

The Family of Hal Turner wonders, if their case is so worthy why is the US Attorney hiding from "60 Minutes?" If the US Attorney is so proud of what he's doing, why not appear on national TV? The answers to these rhetorical questions are simple: The US Attorney is corrupt; his case lacks any merit and he wants to hide what he's doing from the American people.

It's a real shame, too. We found out that Assistant US Attorney William Hogan had some "troubles" not too long ago, wherein rumors swirled the federal courthouse that Hogan bribed a prosecution witness with illicit drugs and booze to get that witness to say what Hogan wanted. We were looking forward to seeing Hogan explain that on "60 Minutes." Instead, Hogan hides in the closet hoping his treacherous past and his ongoing skullduggery in the Turner case remains hidden from the public. Thankfully, we know it's only a matter of time before Hogan's closet is opened to the country. If "60 Minutes can't do it, we will.