Saturday, October 17, 2009



The family of Hal Turner is pleased to announce that Hal is to be released on $500,000 bail. We expect to post bail by Monday, October 19, 2009, and to have Hal released by October 23, 2009.

In preparation for his expected release, Federal Marshals transported Hal from the US Prison in Chicago, IL to the Federal tier in a NJ Prison near Hal's home town of North Bergen, NJ.

Once released, Hal will be under house arrest and gag order, forbidding him from talking to the media.

Hal was arrested by the FBI on June 24, 2009 after publishing an editorial which was critical of three federal judges. The editorial quoted Thomas Jefferson and described the judges as traitors. The FBI claims the editorial is a threat to murder, Hal says the editorial is his opinion.

Over the course of the last two months, a large ans well respected media outlet in the New York City area has been conducting an investigation into Hal's arrest. We expect major coverage of the results of their investigation to become public very soon.


  1. Thank you. Prayers for Hal's release is finally being realized.

  2. Good to hear. He should've been out months ago.

  3. Good to hear Hal is out. Does not talking to the media mean that he can't use the internet?

  4. It's about time someone with some authority stepped up to the plate and chose to do the right thing. I look forward to Hal's release and his return to the blogisphere.

  5. dats great - now we can finally get back to normal and I can get my hal turner show radio back.

  6. Let him out already! They know they don't have a case.

    Ziongoogle has pushed this blog onto second page... they're desperately trying to rinse any info of hal turner off the web. Can't quiet a free man forever, shame on you google and us govt! You will forever be known as traitors to truth and freedom.