Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trial Transcript Reveals Hal Turner was "National Security Intelligence" and an "FBI Agent"

Brooklyn, NY -- The trial of radio host Hal Turner lead to some startling revelations which the media has barely covered. We have obtained the official Transcript of the trial and provide some details that you may find interesting.

According to Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Amy Pickett, the third highest ranking FBI Official in New York City, Hal Turner was involved in "National Security Intelligence." According to Pickett's testimony which appears in a scanned image of the official Trial transcript below, Hal Turner dealt with "National Security Intelligence, terrorism and foreign counterintelligence" while he served with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

According to Pickett, what Hal Turner did for the United States was ". . . really so serious that it cannot be handled at the local level. It has to go up to the Department of Justice."

WOW! How's that for a surprise?!

All the folks out there who thought Hal was some terrible person just got the surprise of their lives. Turns out Hal was one of the good guys! Read it for yourself in the image of Trial Transcript Pages 317 and 318 below.

But wait, it gets better. . . . .

The next scanned image (below) of Page 555 of the official Trial Transcript shows Assistant U.S. Attorney William Hogan told the Jury "There is no evidence in this case of any criminal activity committed by Hal Turner while he was an FBI Agent."

An FBI Agent? Whoa! Hal Turner was an FBI Agent? Looks like Asst. US
Attorney Hogan really slipped and let the cat out of the bag this time! WOW! Read it for yourself in the scanned image below.

So now that the truth is out, how is it that Hal was arrested and put on trial for doing in 2009 what he did in 2002, did again in 2005 (twice) on National TV, did again in 2007 on his web site and did again in 2008 on his radio show?

If saying a federal Judge was "worthy of death" wasn't a crime in 2002 when Hal said it on radio station WBCQ, and those same words were not a crime when he repeated them on DATELINE NBC and again a week later on "At Large" with Geraldo Rivera on FOX NEWS CHANNEL. . . . . and were not a crime when he said them about a different Judge during his radio show in 2007 or again in 2008. . . . . then how were such words a crime in June 2009 for which Hal was arrested?

The simple truth is that what Hal said in his online editorial which he posted on June 2, 2009 were not a threat. They were not a crime. The entire case against Hal is crap and the jury in his trial saw it. That's why they voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal.

Given these irrefutable facts, revealed under oath by officials of the FBI during Hal's trial earlier this month, when will sanity return to the system and these charges against Hal be disposed of?

A second trial is scheduled for March 1. In the meantime, it might be nice to hear from Hal's most ardent critics. What do they have to say about Hal now that it turns out what he was doing on the air was an FBI operation designed to protect America?



    Sounds to me that this guy Hogan gets away with anything he wants in the Chicago courts.

    He has a running record of being arrogant and pompus.

    This man does not care about the law or the oath he took to seek the truth and justice.

    He just wants to win win win!

    This judge needs to step on him and do the right thing by the dropping the charges and let Hal go, this man is a hero.


  2. -Since when did it become a crime to be a staunch supporter of our usConstitution & BoR -??? Seems the wrong people are being prosecuted in this goofy case of Justice! They should simply exonerate mrHal'Turner of any alleged crime, -and look at the Prosecution as culprits of malfeasance...


    Hal useD these same words in 2002, 2 times on national TV in 2005, again in 2007 and again in 2008.

    It was not a crime then, but, in 2009 it is a crime?

    The words did not change, the law did not change, What the hell is going on here?

    Unless there is a new law on the books that says, If you say something that causes someone to get their boxer shorts twisted or get their nose out of joint then these charges are, BULL BOGUS or non existant in the legal system.


  4. Its the Obongo/leftist/progressive 1 worlders...Its the America hating radicals from the 60's...Its an assault on our Constitution and on White Christian America.Sorry Hal has taken the brunt by either acting or actually saying what needs to be said.The truth is what he said in 2002,2005,2008 and in 2009 is not only Hal"s opinion ( acted or not) but the opinion of multitudes of God fearing America loving Americans.Judges and Politicians should be in absolute fear of their lives for acting in any way that can deemed to be damaging to our sovereignty,security or laws in the context as written or not following the Constitution,Bill of Rights in the spirit in which the Forefathers wrote them including "God".WE the People cannot and will not stand idly by and watch our Great Country be dismantled and our rights taken from us.God Bless Hal Turner,Patriotic American..one of our New Founders !

  5. I hope the Turner family has a safe prosperous New Year, and good and God fearing Judge finally sees this whole thing for what it is...BS! Same goes for the debaucle in The (sic)Constitution State.

  6. Wow! Hal's back!!! That was definitely a great post Hal.

  7. Multiracialism has caused the whole country to all be working against traditional America's best interests.

    Sure there are a few good people left in the FBI and other government agencies, but there are even more that are rotten to the core.

    Hal's heart may have been in the right place, but even getting hung juries or "not guilty" verdicts come at a steep price. ( Sitting in jail cells, being separated from family, etc. )

    Even though Hal was helping plug leaks and protect the country from Jewish terrorism groups like the ADL and the SPLC, those groups have their tentacles sunk in so deep into ZOG that they can and have caused the very agency Hal was working for to turn against him, and other more localized agencies as well.

    One man trying to stand up alone against a whole Jew-think army is a tough task.

  8. ..and who says its 1 man...Hal is not a Martyr,he is a Patriot,His words and actions give us "Real Hope and Change"..There are millions of Patriotic Americans just like him everywhere.The "Chimp in Chief",puppet of the left is just a distraction as Hal has said time and time again..keep your eye on the ball.2010 is going to be an interesting year.

  9. I wouldn't say there are millions of patriotic Americans like Hal, maybe there are in spirit, but few are willing to even confront the problem.

    His donation stats have been flat, and most people are afraid to even post on this blog created by his relatives.

    And maybe he is, or will be a martyr, because he's not out of the woods yet. The system doesn't even need to stack the deck against Hal, all they need is one person who believes in forced integration on a jury to hang it, and they could re-try him until the cows come home.

    You know how those ( Forced integrationalists )people are, they couldn't give a rat's butt about "justice," they just want to stifle free speech and would like to see Hal ruined for life.

    ZOG has an unlimited supply of resources, unlike Hal.

  10. ..don't bet the farm on it...
    If this "ZOG" is so powerful then why did'nt Hal just dissappear ? Why has'nt everyone on this blog and others been silenced.The Patriot Act was an absolute attack on our Liberty.PC is the enemy,Common sense is our strength.YOU have to pick a side,Liberty or Tyranny ?

  11. Hal,
    If you do not sue the hell out of them bunch of savages you are a fool. Each and every one needs to be sued in federal Court in your State. That is perfectly Legal to do so. Checkout the Laws they are in deep shit.

    Sue these hipocritical *&^%$#@!@!~ and take there money.

  12. As a believer of the 1st. Amendment I want to share my OPINION with you.

    On 6/2/09 Hal posted his OPINION on the web site.
    22 days later Hal was arrested. The words imminent threat came into play. How IMMINENT could this be when they waited 22 days to arrest Hal? The authorities are permitted hours to secure a situation but there was no situation to secure and to wait 22 days tells me much work was going on behind the lines to trump up charges.

    Now,let's look at these facts

    Hal is then flown from NJ to OK to IL, and put in MCC Chicago in solitary confinement! 23 hours a day, Alone, No TV, radio, phone privileges to his family or lawyers, for 77 days.

    Can you beliieve that Hal had his caps removed from his mouth at MCC because some idiot said they could be used as a WEAPON! ONLY after AP released the story did they put back his caps, THE WEAPONS. Was this person who ordered the dentist to remove Hal's caps charged with a crime? I don't think so, and if not, why not? At the very least this was CRULE and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT.

    Finally, after 119 days the Judge raised the bail from 200,000 to 500,000 and allows 10% to bring Hal back to his FAMILY. In my OPINION,FOR A PERSON EXERCISING HIS FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT this was an Unreasonable Bail Amount.

    Then Hal is flown from Il to OK to NJ and finally released.

    I attended court the day the jury was chosen, again 1 day in the middle of the trial and the last day of the trial. The Prosecutor mentioned dozen's of times' Judge Lefkow and David Duke?? What the hell did these people have to do with this trial and what Hal was charged with?? NOTHING! They were attempting to sway the jury because they did not have a case. What they had was nothing more than a smoke screen. The Prosecution also brought up that Hal posted the names, work addresses and court room numbers. WELL HELLO, the Courts have their own public web site with this information and ANYONE can access it from GOOGLE,Public Information. Once again, of lot of Nothing! Did these Judges request Security? NO, because they did not feel threatened. Why, because there was NO THREAT! Just an OPINION!

    Now I read in The Record about this 1 juror who interviewed with the Press and stated that he found Hal guility because, "Hal Was a Publicity Seeker". WOW! Can anyone imagine even thinking of putting a man, any man, in jail for that?

    This statement brought up other interesting questions. Based on the questions that were asked to each of the juror during jury selection, this juror told the Judge that he did NOT know Hal, he did NOT listen to Hal's show and hadn't read anything about Hal. So how in the name of GOD did this juror come to the conclusion that Hal was a "PUBLICITY SEEKER".? Certainly not frim anything that came up in court. At the end of each day the Judge instructed the jury NOT to read papers, listen to the radio, watch TV or speak with anyone about the case. Did this Juror disregard the Judges orders? These are questions that need to be investigated and answered. Something stinks here!

    At the end of the trial the Judge instructed and informed both the Defense and Prosecution that they were NOT to SPEAK to the PRESS. Not 1 minute after walking out of the courtroom, Mr. Hogan spoke with the press. He blames the 75% not guility on rulings the Judge made. Can you image that?

    Hal has NEVER hurt anyone, Hal has NEVER been convicted of a crime nor DID HAL COMMIT A CRIME. Hal only expressed an OPINION and that is not against the law.

    This is, in my opinion, the largest miscarriage of justice I have ever seen.

    These charges must be dismissed as this is the only way justice will be served.

  13. Lets get a class action Lawsuit against all of them , yes all of them.. We should do pretty well. I know I was stressed out because of this tyranny illegal and disregard for the Constitution and Civil rights. This would do them in. And yes all personal Lawsuits, HAL. Sign me up .... Who else would like to join in a Class Action Lawsuit against these idiots?

    How could any COURT allow this to continue?
    After reading what they did and continue to do Hal Turner the words(a crime agents humanity comes to mind.)
    The Judge needs to Dismiss these Damn charges.
    It was an opinion not a threat.....
    This is also MY OPINION not a threat....
    Listen up every one, If they can get away with doing this to Hal Turner, they can do this to ALL OF US. (USA)
    SPEAK UP!!!don't just do nothing, this is big and bad for all of us.
    Good Luck Hal were all with you.

  15. Any idea on how many people would join Americas Militia and lets go and arrest the people taking away our Freedoms and Rights. We will take and make the ones pay for there crimes. So give me a count or simply set up a message please?????