Monday, November 9, 2009

Students Protest FBI over Hal Turner

College students protested the FBI for hiring Hal Turner as an Intelligence Operative for the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

While these particular kids are misguided Communists, protesting that the FBI funded a pro-white media host and pro-white media outlet (Turner Radio Network), others showed up to protest the FBI's BETRAYAL of Hal Turner.

Turner was arrested by the FBI on June 24, 2009 after he wrote an editorial which was critical of three federal judges. In the editorial, Turner called the judges traitors and tyrants. He
quoted Thomas Jefferson who said "The tree of Liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots," and later said: "Let me be the first to say this plainly, these judges deserve to be killed."

The FBI claims that saying the judges "deserve to be killed" is a threat to "assault and murder" them. Turner says his words are just an opinion.

Turner was hired by the FBI in the year 2002, but the bureau revealed Turner had actually "contributed to the FBI's Mission since 1993." they trained him as an Intelligence Operative and
provided extensive legal advice about what is lawful, protected speech as opposed to unlawful speech. Turner relied on that training while writing his editorial but was arrested by the FBI

After being held in federal prison for 119 days, Turner was freed on $500,000 bail on October 21, 2009. His trial is set for sometime in late November in Brooklyn, NY.

Details about the FBI being protested because of Hal Turner here.


  1. jim what a lame "comment" try leaveing something substantial next time. Even though Hal worked as an fbi informant i still hopes he beats the system...but his shows will never have the same affect,if he ever comes back on the air or computer. good luck Hal !