Friday, April 2, 2010

ROUND 3: Gov't to try Turner THIRD Time!

( -- The United States Attorney's Office in Chicago has announced they will put radio show and blogger Hal Turner on trial for a THIRD Time. The latest trial date has been moved five months from April 12 to August 9 as reported by Tickle The at:

This announcement by the government violated a media "gag order" imposed by the trial Judge in the case. During the first trial, just before the hung jury was announced, Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) William R. Hogan specifically asked the court to remind the defense that no one involved in Turner's case was allowed to speak to the media. The court issued that reminder. When the jury came out and announced they were hung, that same AUSA, William Hogan, walked out of the courtroom and spoke to the New York Daily News which quoted him the next day!

Clearly the US Attorney's office doesn't care what the court wants because they know the Judge in the case won’t hold them accountable. If Hal Turner violated the court's order, he'd forfeit his bail and be thrown back in jail. The prosecution has now violated the court's order TWICE, with no consequence.

This fits a pattern of behavior which grows more troubling with each passing day.


During trial #1, both the government and the defense gave opening statements one after the other. Also during trial #1, during the government's case-in-chief, the defense was able to cross examine government witnesses about Hal Turner's role as a national security intelligence operative. Fair, right?

All that changed for trial #2. Just days prior to trial #2, Judge Donald Walter issued an order forbidding the defense from giving their opening statement until AFTER the government rested! In addition, the Judge forbid the defense from cross-examining government witnesses about Turner's role with the FBI unless the Defense also subpoenaed those same witnesses for the Defense case-in-chief. More stunning was Judge Walter's ruling that the defense could NOT present any evidence about Turner's role with the FBI unless Turner himself first took the witness stand! This forced Turner to take the stand despite the fact he was not required to do so in Trial #1.

If these benefits to the prosecution weren't good enough, Judge Walter ALLOWED the testimony of three federal judges; the very judges whose testimony he ruled as "irrelevant" in trial #1. In Trial #1, the prosecution made it a key part of their case that they did NOT have to prove Turner ever communicated with any of the Judge in order for the government to convict. In fact, Turner never communicated with any of the judges he criticized in the Editorial which caused his arrest.

Turner never made any phone calls to the judges, never sent any letters, faxes or e-mails to any of the judges and never paid them a personal visit. Turner merely commented in an online editorial that because the Judge violated the US Constitution and ignored a recent US Supreme Court ruling, they ". . . . . deserve to be killed."

The government claims that saying someone "deserves to be killed" is a threat to actually go kill them. Turner says that "deserve" is an opinion and is protected free speech.

In a stunning act of partiality toward the prosecution during trial #2, Judge Walter even went so far as to tell the Jury that he "has ruled Mr. Turner's remarks are NOT protected by the First Amendment." It was tantamount to instructing the jury that Turner was guilty!

In spite of all this case rigging, Jurors in Trial #2 were hung again and a second mistrial was declared.

Two separate and very different claims regarding the jury vote came out after trial #2. After the trial, two jurors from the case were seen in a nearby parking lot and they told Turner's family the vote was 10 to 2 in favor of acquittal. About two weeks later, the Judge in the case gave both sides a different vote tally, less favorable to Turner.

According to well placed sources, if the public were to add the number of jurors who voted for conviction in both trials, it still totals less than 12.

So despite the case rigging outlined above, Turner still didn't get convicted. This makes us wonder how much farther the case will be rigged for trial #3.

Hal Turner spent 119 days in federal prison without bail after he was arrested for his editorial twenty days after it first appeared on the internet. He was then released on $500,000 bail, but under house arrest, with electronic monitoring, forbidden to speak to the media or to anyone outside his immediate family about his case. He is also forbidden from using the internet.

As of today, the United States government has jailed, prosecuted and twice put on trial Hal Turner for nothing more than an editorial opinion. The draconian restrictions placed on Turner forced him into Bankruptcy and deprived him of his civil rights for more than 9 months. Today, we find out Hal must endure such cruel treatment for another 5 months until his third trial on August 9.

Tell us again how the United States is the “land of the free?” Tell us again how we enjoy “freedom of speech?” It’s all a fraud.


  1. I am Horrified....Who is supposed to watching over this Judge Walter? It seems to me he has tainted the jury in trial #2 and been delinquint in his duties in both trial #1 and #2.Who does this clown have to answer to ? If he is a Judge in NY then his address should be in public records.I wonder how he would feel to have a group of picketers outside his house on Easter?...Obongo has not been declared King ..yet so I am assuming "protesting" is still protected under the 1st amendment.

  2. The FBI and some other government agencies were once fairly honorable, but trying to oust all of the Zionist moles and Jew-think protectors is a hell of a tough task.

    Hopefully there will be another hung jury in trial #3, then maybe Hal can declare "Game Over, Three Strikes And You're Out" routine.

    Remember when they tried to "Play Baseball" in court, and say if you are convicted of three felonies in your lifetime than you would automatically be declared "Out," and get a life sentence, regardless of the circumstances?

    Well it should work the other way as well, if they try you three times and can't convict, they are out as well.

    Then Hal could come home with the theme song "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" playing in the background.

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  4. Please don't tell me this Judge, the same one we referred to as HONORABLE, might not be.

    It's true that, everyone was told "NO PRESS CONFRENCES" and 2 times Hogan spoke to the press.

    SO, they can violate a court order, and the defense can't ? AND WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED TO THEM????


    To say "this is disgraceful, is an understatement.

    NOW, ANOTHER 4 MONTHS??? That will make 14 months of house arrest, and FOR WHAT????

    What are they trying to prove?? What exactly are they afraid of??? I'll tell you what, THE TRUTH GETTING OUT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

    It's time for this to stop. It's overtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh, come on Judge.

    When is enough, enough?????

    It's time to call this exactly what it is. MALACIOUS PROSCUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Exactly what the hell is going on???????????

    Well, we know we can't count on that ball less bastard CHRISTIE. If he would just come to court and tell the truth this would be over.

    My heart aches for the poor people of NEW JERSEY, OH, wait a minute, Hal Turner is one of those poor people isn't he.

    Imagine having a Governor who can't and Won't tell the truth??? What a mess.

    It's time for someone, an honest someone, to do the right thing.

    Is there such a person in Politics and in the Justice System???? It sure in hell doesn't look like there is.

  7. Give me a break. Another trial??

    They have got to be kidding.

    It's time to end this SHIT, come on Judge Walter, do the right thing. AQUIT

  8. I've decided that.."non violent civil disobedience" is the way I will go.If the illegitament government makes a"request" I will defy them and refuse peacefully to comply.It worked for Ghandi and Martin Luther King...Its time we fight the battles with "thier" tactics.The Lamestream media has branded Patriotic Americans like Hal Turner and in the Tea Party as .."Racist",Homophobes","violent"....gee as a side note that sounds like the 60's radical leftists who bombed the Pentagon,staged violent protests and ..come to think of it..The Creeps in Washington under the Obongo administration !Hals ordeal is just a very concerted effort to antagonize him into reacting..we could all take notice of how HT's cool ,calm and collected attitude is just tearing them up..Keep it up Hal..You lead and others will follow..

  9. -what we see happening here is the typical jew'dicial ploy of simply 'papering' an honorable Patriot, --until they've ruthlessly worn their opponent down into submission via the tactic of financial-ruin and emotional fatigue! HT had every right to opine as he did, --afforded him under our precious usConstitution & BoR; --and considering the insidious jew-Commie tyranny now increasingly enveloping us, the admirably brave HT is at least fortunate that they did not choose to strike him at 4am via their murderous Goon-squads, -as they have done with so many justifiably outraged usConstitutional Patriots (-many of whom like HT are Veterans that were duped into fighting innocent foreigners instead of the real enemy-- The Bank'ster-elite that own the warmongering indus./military-complex Zionist-controlled Pentagon)! The unmerciful jew'dicial-system is designed in favor of the nasty Rothschild/Rockfeller-jewZionist Bank'sters, whom now Own this besieged nation, they Own your very property (-fail to pay their IRS-henchmen their extortion-monies, --and see who really owns your property!), --Yes, they Own YOU!!! Since the jew'dicial-sys. is bought and Owned by these criminal jewZionst Bank'sters, the only logical way out of this vicious quagmire, --is to strike directly at the international arch-criminal Fed.Reserve-Sys. snakeheads, ---and place'em all upon sticks...

  10. "Land Of The Slaves, Home Of The Cowards!" AARP 3%er!