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Hal Turner’s first “Mission” for FBI

( week, we announced that we would begin telling you what the FBI paid Hal Turner to do. Today, we begin that process with a fascinating story about Israeli involvement with 9/11, and an FBI counter intelligence operation against the ADL and AIPAC.

The information in this story comes from letters written by Hal Turner from federal prison before he got out on bail. He remains free, awaiting a third trial on charges he “threatened” 3 judges. Hal Turner is presently under a “gag order” imposed by the court. That order prevents him from speaking to the media and from using the internet. The information in this story was written in letters to us before that gag order was imposed on Hal. We, Hal’s family, are not subject to any such gag order, so we’ve decided to publish the letters Hal mailed to us from prison so you, the American people, can know the truth.

In any case below where links to outside media sources are included in this story, these links were researched by us to corroborate information provided by Hal in his letters from prison. Here now, Hal Turner’s first “mission” as a National Security Intelligence Operative with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Just weeks after being recruited into the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Hal Turner got a phone call from one of the top people inside the FBI to arrange a meeting. During that call, it was made clear to Turner that he was to keep this meeting secret from his regular FBI contacts, Agent Stephen Haug and Det. Leonard Nerbetski!

The meeting took place a week or so later at a small diner on Market Street at the intersection of Flemming Street in Newark, NJ, just blocks north of the Newark Police Precinct. In attendance was a top level Special Agent in Charge and a Supervising Special Agent from FBI Newark.

The FBI told Turner that they had been familiar with his show for quite some time and there were problems within the FBI and US Justice Department that Turner was in a unique position to help with. This didn’t make sense to Turner because by his own admission, he was a nobody. He had a relatively small internet webcast which at the time had maybe 20,000 listeners per night and his radio show was only carried on about two dozen radio stations throughout America.

Even with the radio audience, Turner wasn’t even a blip on any media radar screen. Despite the small radio audience, Turner’s web site had about two million unique visitors a year and Turner didn’t see how he could possibly be in any position at all to help.

The FBI went on to explain their thinking and the explanation astonished Turner. We think it will absolutely fascinate you too.

September 11 – FBI Newark Had Advance Warning

The discussion began with the attacks of September 11 and how the FBI in Newark had been approached and warned about such attacks more than a full YEAR before the attacks took place.

The FBI told Turner that in March of 2000, a Pakistani-born British citizen named Niaz Khan walked into the FBI’s Newark, NJ office and told them he had been recruited by Osama Bin Laden’s group to hijack airplanes and was now in the U.S. to carry out such a plan.

Niaz Khan had been a waiter in a Curry restaurant in London, had become disgruntled at his life and became receptive to the preaching of a local Muslim Cleric. He learned about Jihad and decided that since his life was so miserable, he was willing to die for Allah.

Bin Laden’s group trained him in hijacking techniques, how to smuggle weapons through airport security, how to overpower passengers and the like. They flew him from London, to Pakistan and elsewhere so he could familiarize himself with real life airport security procedures to prepare.

Once he arrived at JFK Airport in New York, Al Qaida wired him about a quarter million dollars with instructions to recruit and train others for the attacks, but Khan got cold feet. Instead of using the money to recruit others, Khan travelled to Atlantic City and gambled away most of the money!

Fearful that AL-Qaida would find him and kill him for what he’d done, Khan walked into the FBI office in Newark, NJ and spilled his guts. FBI Newark interviewed him for 6 weeks. They administered at least two separate lie detector tests and Khan passed both!

Despite the evidence, a strange order came down from FBI Headquarters in Washington: Cut Khan loose. FBI HQ told FBI Newark to put Khan on a plane back to Britain and forget about him. FBI HQ said that British Intelligence, known as MI-5, would interview Khan once he arrived in Britain. So, despite the time and effort put into investigating Khan, FBI Newark complied with the instructions from HQ and sent Khan back to Britain.

On September 11, 2001, the attacks Khan had warned about, took place. The FBI people told Turner they were devastated because everyone in FBI Newark instantly remembered Niaz Khan and realized the attacks could have been prevented. This motivated FBI Newark to go after the 9-11 investigation with a vengeance, but each time they tried, more strange orders came down from FBI HQ in Washington, telling FBI Newark to back off.

Bear in mind that Hal Turner was being told all of this by the FBI in the summer of 2003 shortly after he was recruited by the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). More than a year later, this part of Hal Turner’s story was confirmed by main stream media sources when NBC News, the London “Guardian” Newspaper and The London “Independent” newspaper all published stories containing the facts laid out above.

The Israeli Connection to 9-11

The FBI went on to tell Turner that on September 11, 2001 a series of things took place in addition to the attacks themselves, which lead FBI Newark to believe the state of Israel was deeply involved in the events of that day.

First, while the World Trade Center was under attack in lower Manhattan, a white Chevy van was directly across the Hudson River in Liberty State Park in Jersey City. A group of 5 men were with the van and they had set up video cameras before the attacks took place. When the jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center, witnesses in Liberty State Park watched in horror as the men with the white van cheered with joy as the attacks took place. The witnesses called police with a description of the van and of the men.

Police issued a “BOLO” (Be On the Look Out) for the van. A couple hours later, a police officer in East Rutherford, NJ was patrolling Route 3 near Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands. This location provided a clear view of the World Trade Center which was about four miles to the east.

The officer came upon a moving-van-type of truck parked on the service road next to the highway where a number of men were standing and cheering with joy as the World Trade Center towers collapsed. The officer confronted them men, who produced ID showing they were Israeli citizens. The answers they gave to the Officer’s questions raised great suspicion with the officer so he arrested all the men on “suspicion” of involvement with the attacks.

The moving-van, from a company named Urban Moving Systems of Weehawken, NJ, was impounded and the FBI was notified. Bomb-sniffing dogs were brought to the van and they “alerted” to the presence of explosives. Packages inside the vehicle were x-rayed by portable x-ray machine, but none contained explosives.

Found inside the van were maps of New York City with certain locations highlighted. FBI Newark obtained search warrants for Urban Moving Systems offices in Weehawken, NJ. But upon arrival, the offices were vacant; cleaned out. A check of company personnel revealed a majority of the company’s employees were . . . . . Israelis . . . . . and they had flown out of the country within days of the attacks. All of them flew to . . . . . Israel.

The FBI went on to tell Hal Turner that the Israelis who were arrested with the moving van were detained in jail and repeatedly questioned. One man refused a lie detector test for ten weeks and when he finally relented and took the test, he failed. Then, a strange order came down from FBI HQ in Washington: Let the men go.

FBI HQ told FBI Newark that the men were Israeli intelligence agents from the Mossad (The Israeli version of the CIA) and they had been in the US to track militant Arabs. But FBI Newark didn’t believe that explanation. FBI Newark believed the men were part of the attacks of 9-11 and the whole story about them being in the US to track Arabs was merely a “cover story.”

Bear in mind that Hal Turner was being told this by the FBI in 2003. The main stream media confirmed this aspect of Hal’s story in June, 2002, when ABC News “20/20” ran a major story confirming the facts laid out above. The ABC News story can still be seen at:

Second, on the day of the 9-11 attacks, rumors swirled that some 4,000 Jewish people who worked in the World Trade Center, just happened to not show up for work on 9-11. This was also reported on AL-MANAR Television news in Beirut, Lebanon shortly after the attacks. FBI Newark began investigating that claim and a week or so later, another strange order came down from FBI HQ: Stop the investigation.

Third, hours before the attacks of 9-11, an Israeli company named Odigo, allegedly received an instant message warning the attacks against the World Trade Center were going to take place that morning. Odigo alerted Israeli authorities but somehow, Israel “dropped the ball” and didn’t tell the US.

The main stream media revealed this information just days after the attacks of 9-11. One such example of this coverage can still be found in the Israeli News Service called HAARETZ at:

But as before, when FBI Newark began investigating the claims that ODIGO had gotten an instant message hours before the attacks, FBI HQ told FBI Newark to stop investigating.

Last but certainly not least, ICTS an Israeli owned security company, sells services to every airport from which the hijacked 9-11 planes operated, including security, sometimes through wholly owned subsidiaries like Huntleigh USA Corporation.

The FBI told Turner that such an incredible feat of hijacking four aircraft without a single arrest at the gate would require the resources of a nation-state. This is even more true with the revelation that at least one gun had managed to be aboard a hijacked plane.

The one company that had inside access to all of the airports from which hijacked planes departed on 9-11, and to the airports used by Richard Reid, the shoe bomber was ICTS, an Israeli company.

The FBI told Hal Turner that FBI Newark believed that it was no accident that Israel failed to pass along the pre-attack information from Odigo. They went on to tell Turner that FBI Newark believed that Israel knew the attacks were going to take place because Israel was involved in the attacks. The evidence, they said, is irrefutable.

The two high-level FBI people who met with Hal Turner that day told him they believed the FBI HQ was compromised. They told Hal that anytime any investigation was opened into a possible Israeli connection to 9-11, FBI HQ squashed the investigation. It was clear to FBI Newark that FBI HQ had security leaks who were thwarting any investigation of Israeli involvement in 9-11 and they had a plan to plug those leaks.

ADL and AIPAC Infiltration of US Law Enforcement

The FBI told Turner that the Israeli government maintains a vast spy network and major propaganda machines inside the United States. The “fronts” for that spy network and the source of the major propaganda are the Anti Defamation League (ADL) and the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

These groups promote themselves as being supportive of Jewish people and Jewish interests. They also tout themselves as guardians against “hate” and “anti-Semitism.” The reality, however, is quite different. The FBI explained that these groups are information –gathering networks and propaganda outlets. They seek-out anyone who espouses views contrary to Israel then smear and discredit such people as Anti-Semites, Bigots, Racists or even Nazis. In addition, whenever the state of Israel does something horrific, like bombing innocent Palestinians, invading another country or killing “militants,” ADL and AIPAC launch intense propaganda campaigns to smooth-over public relations.

The FBI told Hal Turner that whenever members of these two groups identify a potential “threat” to Jewish or Israeli interests, they engage intense efforts to find out anything and everything they can about the “threat.” So whenever a media personality, media outlet or political candidate says or does anything which conflicts with the Israeli agenda, the ADL and AIPAC go into attack mode.

The FBI explained that one way the ADL gets information about people they perceive as “threats” is by infiltrating law enforcement agencies in the USA to gain access to confidential police records. The ADL has a notorious history of doing this and has been caught several times accessing and possessing confidential police files. One such example of ADL illegally accessing police files, covered by the “Los Angeles Times” newspaper, can be read here:

The FBI explained to Turner that AIPAC also has a very long history of actual espionage against the United States and provided Turner with un-redacted, classified documents for him to view proving what they claimed. You can read declassified or redacted versions of those same documents at this link:

The FBI wanted to exploit this aspect of ADL/AIPAC conduct to identify leaks and plug them.

Counter-Intelligence Operation

The FBI told Hal Turner that the fastest way to achieve this goal was for the FBI to attach an electronic “symbol” to Turner’s FBI records. This way, whenever any law enforcement agency or someone inside the Justice Department made an inquiry into FBI files about Hal Turner, the FBI computer system would read the “symbol” and secretly generate a report to the Joint Terrorism task Force showing who made the inquiry, the agency they were with, and the date and time the inquiry was made. This would allow the JTTF to identify ADL/AIPAC infiltrators and plug the information leaks.

This made sense to Turner, but he asked what he would have to do to make this system work? Why would the ADL or AIPAC even bother with him? The FBI told him to wait a few days until the FBI could put the electronic symbol on his files. Once Turner was notified that the symbol was in place, he was to go on the air and on the internet and ferociously attack jews and Israel with a level of vitriolic hatred akin to Josef Goebbels from the former Third Reich in World War 2 Nazi Germany. Turner agreed to do it but was warned in very strong terms to never reveal this operation to anyone, including to his primary JTTF contacts, Stephen Haug and Leonard Nerbetski. In order for the operation to work, he was told, no one could know about it, especially FBI HQ.

About two weeks later, Hal Turner got a call from Special Agent Stephen Haug, his primary contact at JTTF. Haug told Turner that the FBI had decided to place an electronic symbol on his file to “make certain Hal wasn’t concealing any police troubles from the FBI during his time with JTTF.” That’s what Haug thought, but Turner knew the truth. That phone call was the signal for Turner to let loose with anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli venom for the counter-intelligence operation and he did so with gusto.

Hal Turner went on the air and on his web site and let loose with every form of vitriolic filth imaginable about Jews and Israel. It didn’t take long for the ADL and AIPAC to take the bait.

Astonishing results!

Within weeks, dozens of unauthorized inquiries were being made into Hal Turner’s FBI files from law enforcement agencies around the country. Unauthorized accesses were made from within the Department of Justice, from within the FBI, from the Secret Service, from the US Marshal Service, from the US Capitol Police, from the Pennsylvania State Police and many other agencies. Each time an inquiry was made, a secret report of it went to the JTTF.

Over the coming months, JTTF made personal visits to those agencies and took up the issue of unauthorized access. They knew which operator did it, from which agency, from which computer terminal and those people were called on the carpet. It was made clear that such accesses to FBI files were not to be done in the future unless they were part of a legitimate and documented police investigation. It was made very clear that if future unauthorized accesses were made, the agency itself could find its access to FBI databases CUT OFF and anyone making such unauthorized accesses would be criminally prosecuted! Word of this spread like wildfire within law enforcement circles.

About 9 months later, in a casual phone conversation with the Special Agent in Charge of FBI Newark, it was revealed to Hal Turner that this operation netted “over 100” leaks. The FBI told Hal Turner that his work was the single most successful counter-intelligence effort in years and the nation owed Hal a debt of gratitude for cutting off unauthorized access to FBI files.

Investigating 9-11 and Israel, the end result:

With most of the pro-Israel leaks in the legal system plugged, FBI Newark was able to more thoroughly investigate what really happened on 9-11. The results? Well, let’s just say that when the real culprit behind 9-11 was properly identified by a preponderance of evidence, he was “dealt with.”

You heard about it in January, 2006, but never made the connection between what you heard in 2006 and what happened on 9-11. What YOU heard was that Israeli leader Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke. Yea. Right. A “stroke.” . . . . . . .

The truth is that Ariel Sharon was identified by US Intelligence Agencies as being the key to the attacks of 9-11. It was Israel and its intelligence agencies that funded and facilitated the Arabs who ultimately were duped into pulling-off the attacks.

The problem was that politically, Sharon and Israel were untouchable. For years Israel has bought-off half the US Congress, so our elected officials damn sure wouldn’t take any action. Instead, a decision was taken within the US Intelligence Community to take action.

Ariel Sharon had suffered a mini stroke in mid-December 2005 and at that time it was found he suffered from cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA), a brain disorder which, in conjunction with anticoagulant medication prescribed after his first stroke, greatly increased his risk of cerebral hemorrhage.

With this information in U.S. hands, and with all the evidence we needed pointing to Sharon’s involvement in the attacks of 9-11, medical folks within the US intelligence community were consulted. It was decided that the introduction of certain Amino acids with a concentrated dose of blood-thinners would guarantee Ariel Sharon would suffer an immediate cerebral hemorrhage. All it would take was a needle to the neck and Sharon would literally blow a gasket within hours.

That needle was administered by US intelligence operatives who were able to surreptitiously gain access to Mr. Sharon at his Sycamore Ranch in the Negev region of Israel. He blew a gasket and suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage within minutes which basically resulted in brain death.

As panic ensued at the Sycamore ranch as Ariel Sharon went into convulsions, the US Intelligence operatives quietly slipped away undetected.

To all the world, it was a natural medical disaster that destroyed Ariel Sharon. To Intelligence Operatives like Hal Turner, the truth was quite different; and quite satisfying too.

That was one small part of the price Israel was to pay for their role in helping to kill almost 3,000 Americans on 9-11. No war. No political haggling. No investigations. No court. No Trial by jury. Just (brain) dead; exactly the way Israel itself deals with its enemies. We wonder how they like it now that its been done to them?

Until publication of this blog page, no one else in the entire world has ever released this fact. Now, the whole world knows.

Israel was to pay a further price for their role in 9-11 when they invaded Lebanon in 2007. We’ll talk more about that in an upcoming article describing what Hal Turner did for the FBI and the CIA during his trip to Brazil.

The U.S. Intelligence Community isn’t finished punishing Israel yet. If Congress doesn’t like it, they can go fuck themselves because the intelligence community has all the dirt on them too. Any member of Congress who steps out of line knows his dirt would be dumped on national TV, so Congress will keep quiet and pretend nothing’s going on. The intel community will take care of this Israeli business and when it’s over, justice will have prevailed.

Interesting Tid-Bit

One interesting tid-bit of information about 9-11 that may be of interest to you is a law suit brought by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in the year 1998. The Port Authority owns the World Trade Center and at that time in 1998, it became known to Port Authority engineers that the World Trade Center towers suffered from a serious design flaw: The exterior stainless steel of the two towers was attached directly to the interior structural steel girders.

By attaching the stainless steel directly to the steel girders, in the presence of saltwater air from New York Harbor, caused oxidation of the structural steel to occur much more rapidly than anyone expected. Put simply, the steel girders holding up the two world trade center towers was disintegrating from this oxidation and ultimately, the two towers would have to be taken apart and fixed.

The Port Authority filed a claim with its insurance company to have them pay for this design flaw. The Insurance company refused, so the Port Authority sued the Insurance company in the United States District Court in Newark, New Jersey. The case was heard before the Honorable John Bissell.

Ultimately, Judge Bissell found in favor of the Insurance company. If anyone was going to pay to have the two towers taken apart and fixed, it would have to be the Port Authority itself. Look up the case on the US District Court’s PACER System. All the records are still there for everyone to see.

Instead of fixing the world trade center towers, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey sold its leases for tenants inside the World Trade Center, to Larry Silverstein, an ardent pro-Israel real estate developer. Silverstein stood to make a billion dollars from buying the leases . . . . . until he found out that the two buildings were going to fall down from the oxidation of the steel structure.

So with the WTC buildings headed for collapse anyway, and with billions at stake, the FBI speculated to Hal Turner that a plan was hatched to destroy the two buildings in an act of “terrorism.” This would get the government to foot the reconstruction bill, incense the American people into going to war, and ultimately, shift the war from terrorists to Saddam Hussein of Iraq, who was the biggest enemy of the State of Israel in the middle east.

In one fell swoop, the World Trade center, which was falling down anyway, would be taken care of, America would go to war against Israel’s biggest enemy, and the American people would pay for it all with their lives and national fortune.

The big government guys and their defense contractor buddies would get rich from bombing Iraq and Afghanistan back to the stone age, then double their money with government contracts to rebuild it all. No one in the nation had a clue as to how it all fit together. Until now.

Now, you know the truth

In his role as a national security intelligence operative for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Hal Turner protected America and its citizens from people with foreign loyalties who were illegally misusing police records to achieve their political, social and cultural goals. He also became privy to incredible information from intelligence operations of many kinds. Hal revealed these things to us after his own government betrayed him. We have now revealed some of what Hal told us, to all of you.

In doing what he did to plug the leaks of police information from pro-Israeli infiltrators, Hal begot powerful enemies in the ADL and AIPAC. Those groups had never been so cleverly outfoxed before. They had never faced this level of counter-intelligence operation and they fell for it hook-line-and-sinker. They got caught red-handed and a whole slew of their henchmen in law enforcement got straightened out, thus cutting-off (at least temporarily) the ADL/AIPAC flow of police information.

Perhaps that’s why representatives from ADL have been attending Hal Turner’s recent trials. Clearly, they want to get back at Hal for so successfully cutting-off their access to law enforcement records. Too bad for the ADL and AIPAC that Hal Turner is a loyal American who puts America ahead of Israel.

More than a year later, the FBI told Hal that the operation was so successful; they had another operation they needed him to do. This one would target the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, AL and its role in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

More on that in our next installment of “What the FBI Paid Hal Turner To Do.”

Coming soon:

Hal Turner’s Brazil Trip:
How the FBI and CIA arranged for Hal Turner to deliver military satellite communication hook-ups to a man from Syria for the Lebanese Militia to defeat the Israeli Army months before Israel invaded Lebanon, and;

Nuclear Theft:
How Six U.S. Nuclear-tipped Cruise Missiles were successfully STOLEN from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and were to be used to destroy 6 American cities to usher-in the “New World Order” Thankfully, the theft was stopped even though those nuclear cruise missiles sat, unguarded and out in the open at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana for more than 12 hours. Guess whose White House authorization code was used to release the weapons for transport? Was it Dick Cheney’s? Maybe that’s why Cheney was in a wheel chair at Barack Obama’s inauguration – maybe someone beat the hell out of him for what he’d done. Check back to find out.

BTW: We wonder if Assistant US Attorney William Hogan is glad he brought a case against Hal Turner now that a whole slew of dirty government inside-information is starting to pour out? Still think he’s a “street snitch?” Still think this is all a “Walter Mitty secret agent fantasy?” Congratulations Mr. Hogan! Rest assured, this is just the beginning. Oh, by the way Mr. Hogan, all the powerful interests that Hal Turner exposed to us in his writings from prison – mailed through his attorneys as “legal mail” so no one at the prisons could read it first - will have YOU and your boss, Patrick Fitzgerald, to thank for all their dirty laundry coming out in public. Ain’t “free speech” grand?

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  2. Would like the family to confirm whether or not Hal can still accept donations? I think it said he can't make money but can I still donate? if so, is it to the Patterson Plank address?

  3. Correction: Iraq is not the most fierce enemy of Israel. Iran is!! The Iraq war played into the hands of Iran and strengthened the Shiites who control Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Iraq war is against the interest of Israel!! You sound like your fellow New Jerseyite Imiri Barak. Congratultions.

  4. -Exceptionally interesting insight as the plot thickens, --however i find the FBI's info. that an Arab-operative turned himself in to the FBI for having squandered some $250K gambling as implausible nonsense, --sounding like the typical jewZionist psychobabble disinformation we get via the jewnews (ie: radio/TV/newspaper/magazines); --as does the part about the TriTower-complex bought for a small-fraction of its worth by jewZionist mosad-agent Larry'Silverstein. --More likely that the bit about the structure being weakened by pinning of the S/S-metal sheathing to the steel-framing caused rust, resulting in ultimate collapse of the structures; -- is sadly laughable! Nope, just more Juden-talk, --that is to say that it is mere jew-disinformation contrived to scare other buyers away, as to enable ruthless L.Silverstein to acquire the NY/TriTower-center 'dirt-cheap', -while scheming-up their 9/11/2001 jew-arson job between he and his insurance-company co-conspirators (whereby the Insur.-co. investors take the hit, along with thousands of their murdered victims)! Am saying that this story is indeed likely accurate as conveyed to mr.Hal'Turner by the FBI (-and then to us by the Turner'Family), --but for reasons only known to the FBI, --is strangely tainted by the typical jewZionist-rhetoric, which is typically transparent as disinformation; -nevertheless, the basic story-line of the information appears credible (-hopefully, HT himself will at some point be able to lend further insight to clear-up these two pieces, --that obviously don't fit the nasty puzzle)...

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  7. as a professional journalist my sources had already clued me in on hal turner.
    i monitored hal for only a short time and i can state unequivocally this story matches exactly what my "unnamed" sources have told me behind closed doors.
    as a broadcaster of over 30 years i have learned to listen for the "subtext" or the story hidden within the words. if one listened to hal closely the story was clear, he was targeting someone deliberately to elicite a response.
    this is a massive story. america owes a debt of gratitude to hal. i am sorry this valuable asset has been outed and ruined.
    i pray and wish only the best for you hal and your family.

  8. Hello,

    They took a loving man who had a will peppered with a bright and shining, righteous indignation, who was in love with his God, Country and her people. “They” stalked him; they played him like a violin; milked him dry, then herded him down the slippery, manure-covered shoot to his and our enemies . . . and the cock crowed thrice . . .

    The workings are in the witches’ cauldron (“media”): may Father be with you, Hal.

    Jesus is truth; truth is love and freedom: John: 8:32

  9. Judge Andrew Napolitano said, on Fox News this morning, 03/31/10.

    "The purpose of the 1st. Amendment is to encourage, wide open robust debate".

    He did not say, "for everyone except Hal turner".

    We all know Hal's 1st. Amendment has been violated, OUR'S is next unless we step up and demand this trial be stopped. HAL TURNER IS NOT GUILT!

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