Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hal Turner to Change Legal Team

Brooklyn, NY -- Radio host and blogger Hal Turner told his two attorneys today that at the end of his current trial, they will no longer represent him.

Turner explained that his legal team has had two full chances to defeat the government charges against him but the future remains unclear.

Turner's first trial in December ended in a hung jury. Today, Jurors in his second trial told the judge they "will not ever" come to a unanimous decision.

While the present jury was told to resume deliberations tomorrow, it now appears likely Turner's second trial will also result in a hung jury.

Whether the present jury is hung or if the worst happens and Turner is convicted, the Turner Family feels a new set of eyes on this case will achieve better results.


  1. What's with this whole idea of retrials? What happened to the old concept of "double jeopardy"?

    Also, I used to think that if a jury is unable to reach a unanimous guilty verdict, that that by definition meant an acquittal and end of story?... I am confused on this, and so are probably other readers as well.

    Perhaps the Family could clarify these legal distinctions for us...

  2. What the hell is going on ? What can WE do ?..It seems everything is turned upside down in this Country.How fucking simple is it that an opinion ( especially one scripted by the FBI ) is not a threat ??? Those Judges were also among other things ,Liars..How worried were they? did they pee in thier liberal marxist panties or are they just part of the scheme to shut everyone down ? as more proof of an out of control Traitorous,idiotic,anti American asshole Judge......Another asshole Judge (Gersheon)ruled today "Acorn" has to continue to recieve Federal Funding..and its "Constitutional" ???? When the fuck did they give a rats ass about the Constitution.They make me sick.These leftist bastards.I guess we can only pray they all get cancer and die..I am still quite sure I can pray for some assholes demise without getting arrested.The 60's burnout radicals are temporarily in power now so we have to prepare and have our game plan in order when we vote or throw them out..For Hal I pray its not too late.We will need a "Few Good Men" to help lead our Country back to its founding principles...The Pendelum swings both ways...2012 anyone ?

  3. ???....Silly quidam..those rules only apply to blacks,illegal immigrants,women,homosexuals,left wing radical America haters..Those of US who actually believe in God,The Constitution,and American Exceptionalism are not included in this upside down illegitimate "illegal" world they seem to think they can make up as they go along.....Have you been in a cave for the past say 20 years?..Don't worry though the Pendalum swings both ways and its just about reached its apex.Tea Parties,Town Halls and public outrage and anger about the out of control Government is just the beginning.I can only pray they have a "Spiritual Awakening" before they go too far.Hal is being made a scapegoat,that is obscenely obvious.You hang in there Hal. At this point we can all pray for you and spread the word.I have brought your situation to light to ALL of my associates at work ,nieghbors and family..where is this story in the Main stream Media ?...I know you cowards read this..don't think we know what you are up to.